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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stromae Vs Dance All Stars – Alors On Danse (Djs From Mars HyperBootleg Remix)

 “The Stromae sound, influenced by new wave beats that are mainly derived from Belgium, express a more subversive danceable version of their early 90’s Technotronic and underground House music. The new beat term refers to a new “beat” oriented sound, encompassed by combining electronic club music and techno with a flavour of 80’s Chicago House music.
Born Paul Van Haver, the beat making prodigy cradled in hip-hop and electro music, discovered his zeal for the drums and percussion as a child. Son of a Rwandan father and a Belgium mother, he practices from his home studio in Brussels, Belgium. Composer, songwriter, interpreter, he produces his own tracks which he later presents in an innovative manner.

Art never made style and style has never made the art. The latest face of the new beat generation is the internationally renowned artist known as Stromae, who is set to release his debut album “Cheese” in 2010. Lead by “Alors on Danse,” Stromae has become a massive music phenomenon. Against the conventions of baggy rags, the young maestro has no desire for the artifice of the hip-hop bling. Instead, this artist’s humble demeanor comes dressed in a bow tie, his reason being “simply being dressed for work like everyone else.” Ironically the loather of trends would soon become a trend of own. Always in the core of the movement, this distinguished artist is above all, his own creator.”

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