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Friday, November 26, 2010

Guru Josh & Lauren Rose – Frozen Teardrops (XM Remix)

“Producer Paul Walden made his recording debut as Guru Josh in 1989 with a white label 12″ of “Infinity” intended to promote a rave of the same name. Though only 1,000 copies of the 12″ were reportedly pressed, it became an acid house anthem at The Haçienda, an influential dance club in Manchester, England, where Mike Pickering, the club’s Friday night DJ, championed the song. In the wake of the song’s sudden popularity amid the British acid house scene, Guru Josh was offered a recording contract with Deconstruction, a dance music subsidiary of BMG.

An updated version of “Infinity” was released in turn and became a Top Five hit single throughout parts of western Europe, including England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Norway. A full-length album, Infinity (1990), was also released. However, none of the follow-up singles — “Freaky Dreamer” (1990), “Holographic Dreams” (1990), “Whose Law (Is It Anyway?)” (1990), and “Hallelujah” (1991) — rivaled the popularity of “Infinity,” and Walden chose to abandon Guru Josh in search of other endeavors. Nearly 20 years later, Walden revived his musical moniker under the new billing Guru Josh Project (the “project” in fact a trio also including DJ DazPerkz and Snakebyte), for the release of “Infinity 2008,” a remix of the original song by DJ Klaas. Released by the German label Big City Beats, the remix was an even bigger hit than the original, becoming a Top Five hit throughout much of western Europe.”

Source: Guru Josh’s Youtube Channel (written by Jason Birchmeier, Rovi).

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