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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Owl City - Fireflies (Max Sanna & Steve Pitron Main Room Club Mix)

"Owl City is the electronic brainchild of Adam Young, who launched the project in 2007 while living at his parents' home in Owatonna, MN. Troubled by insomnia, Young began spending his evenings in the household basement, where a computer and several instruments provided a welcome diversion from his sleeping patterns. He eventually combined those diversions into a blend of electronica and emo-pop, using little more than his computer and various keyboards to record the material. Songs were uploaded to /MySpace upon completion, and Young began attracting a surprising amount of attention on the networking site. Of particular note was "Hello Seattle," a fabricated ode to the Emerald City whose viral popularity earned Young a record contract with Universal Republic. Ocean Eyes, his debut release for the label, arrived in 2009, coinciding with Owl City's first national tour." Article source:

"Amidst the bevy of irony-laced synths and AutoTuned hooks currently saturating the pop landscape, Owl City's No. 1 hit "Fireflies" is a welcome refreshment. The phantasmagoric, electro-pop song is the brainchild of producer and singer/songwriter Adam Young, who admittedly owes a heavy debt to the Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie. That said, his debut single is rich, nuanced, and uniquely constructed. Software horns, keys, echoes, shakers, xylophones and pitter-patter drums provide a blippy, almost childlike backdrop, but it's the pianos and guitars that really crack the song wide open. Its lyrics -- "'Cause I get a thousand hugs/From 10,000 lightning bugs/As they try to teach me how to dance" -- might come across as sensory overkill, but they're also the reason why "Fireflies" has made the impressive climb from Young's basement to the top of the Hot 100. Culling and reinterpreting influences is the process behind many a pop hit, and so far this year, no artist has done so more organically than Young with "Fireflies."" Article source:

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