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Friday, May 28, 2010

DJ Sava & Raluka - I Like The Trumpet (Moving Elements Remix)

"Having a keen interest in music, DJ Sava began his career as a dj in 1990, when the first taste of playing to a crowd was given to him: Disco Vox Maris, Costinesti, at the Black Sea. From this beginning, DJ Sava played an important number of gigs around the country, wowed clubs and captivated dance floors by mixing along in important house events like “Freedom Festival”. At the present time he is undoubtedly a very well known dj, producer and remixer, representing one of the major labels in his country, “MusicVision”. His first single, as a producer, was “Gone Away”, a great track, which succeeded to become a hit, and also to get in the charts and playlists of great international djs like: Joachim Garraud, J Joy, Santos etc. After spending a year perfecting his producer skills, his label decided to release DJ Sava’s first album: “Love Drops”, and first video “I Remember” (feat. Dana Nicula), played by different music televisions in Europe (MTV, Kiss TV etc) and included it in their charts on top positions, by visitor’s vote. “Love Drops” is a very comlpex album, which includes also collaborations with important artists and songwriters: Dj Andi, Activ, Lucian Barbulesu, Connect-R, Chris Mayer, Adrian K etc. This autumn finds DJ Sava in the middle of filming his new video for “Sunshine” (feat. Connect-R), a new single with a different and spectacular new sound and vibes. Major djs like: Angel Anx, Treitl Hammond and very soon Djuma SoundSystem, have already remixed this new single, included it in their playlists, and commented it as “a real top hit”. Despite all his producer activities, DJ Sava, constantly returns to where it all began, namely in the clubs to his fans." Article source: Dj Sava on MySpace.
Moving Elemenents bio: "We were born (probably due to a genetic-muzical mutation) in the summer of 2007, just before the summer holiday, basically just for fun. We started like this playing with different software, so there appeared the track called EMO, of course in collaboration with our good friend SER, the track was released on the French label Original Bass, after that there was another track ELEVATOR, released at the same label and after that we said YES WE CAN !In the same year we participated with another project of ours, more exactly PLM (Playing Loud Music), for those of you who are from Romania, would think that PLM stands for something else , anyway, we participated with a track at Pete Tongs Fast Trax where we obtained 2nd place.The summer of 2008, brought us the 3rd release, this time was a remix (another collaboration with SER), for Alex Roque On The Run, released at WhoBear Records from Spain, due to this release we got to be listed on Beatport.
Among the remixes that you may already know are for:
- Alexuuu&TDK - Salida del Sol (reached 1st place in VibeFM 20 VIBES)
- E.O.S. - I Feel High (reached 3rd place in VibeFM 20 VIBES)
- Voxis vs DJ ANDI - To The Moon (remix that was played for the first time by DJ ANDI in warm-up for TIESTO @ Chisinau - Romania)
- DJ Ralmm - Basstards (another remix in collaboration with SER, released at Pro-Motion Records U.S.A)
- DJ Ralmm - I Love This Beat (also remix in collaboration with SER, released at Pro-Motion Records U.S.A)
At the beginning of this year we released our first EP Back Door at WhoBear Records, the EP contains, besides the Original Mix, 6 remixes by: Alex Roque, Bale & Voltaire, Pentium IV, JoTTo, SER & Hector Couto, and this summer we started the collaboration with IMPACT. We hope we didnt bore you with too much text, you can see the full list of our releases on our website or on Beatport." Article source: Moving Elements on MySpace.

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