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Friday, March 26, 2010

Tom Boxer & Jay – A Beautiful Day (Vanotek Remix)

"Tom Boxer started to play with music around age 5 with guitar. Later, he discovered a true passion for composition and music production. The influence in his style is all good music no matter if is folk, rock, punk, pop, jazz, hip hop or dance. 10 years ago he leaved in UK where he learned how to produce club music. Back in his native country - Romania where he work in his personal studio - he released great dance hits such as BRASIL, A BEAUTIFUL DAY and DANCING His latest singles Brasil and A BEAUTIFUL DAY are TOP 10 hits in many coutries from Europe with great videos directed by himself. He played music with many great Dj's and worked in studio with great artists from around the world. A very positive sound and vibe (as Tom Boxer is in his real life). A few feat's with great reggae singers like BUPPY BROWN the singer from BLADE 2 soundtrack, and MIKE DIAMONDZ.

Some tracks are performed by himself. To be mentioned that he's composing his own lines, recording instruments and voices and mastering the tracks. It's a mastering ingineer too. On the dancefloor he brings a special and different positive sound. Live vocal, MC, freestyling still spining and scratching. It is like a dance music machine and in every club he was people felt the difference. He is not considering himself just a DJ but a complete artist and his message and vibe comes from his own interior nature: PURE LOVE for GOD, UNIVERSE and people. On his personal webpage tom says: "Believe in something, anything, no matter how small or big. It's the only way you can be happy. And to be happy is the true reason of life"." Article source: Tom Boxer on MySpace.

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